Let's chat about a collaboration


I can be contractor

Hire me to a team, studio, agency, or for an extensive start-up. I will be happy to adapt to you. We will agree on the rules and go to work.

Or direct supplier

I will be your direct contractor for the assigned work. I will go with you step by step from the joint assignment through my elaboration, presentation and final output.


Na Fialce 2597/8
Říčany 25101

Billing info

IČO: 05515297
DIČ: Nejsem plátce DPH
Account: 1214928028/3030 (AIR)
Freelance adress: Kubelíkova 573, Říčany 25101
Fyz. os. zapsaná v živ. rejstříku
Nezapsán v obchodním rejstříku